Architectural Design Services

At Anamorpho Studio, we provides comprehensive architectural design services to enable the client to take full advantage of our design abilities all under one roof. Each & every design is conceived & developed with 3D imaging to fully realize the inherent design potential in a building.


This also allows us to develop the lighting concept which helps in Improving the building aesthetics. Materials play an Important part & the correct selection goes in achieving the design intent. Due importance is given to both functionality & the building form to achieve the much needed harmony between people & the environment. 

The following activities are a part of our architectural design services:

  • Brief writing
  • Procurement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site analysis
  • Structural feasibility study
  • Preliminary drawings to enable clients to understand their buildings
  • 3-dimensional imaging
  • Detailed drawings to enable construction
  • Post construction -development of internal spaces

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